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IPFS In Capyloon

Protocol support

Loading content from ipfs:// and ipns:// protocols is supported. This currently relies on http gateways, but will switch to a native ipfs stack in the future.

Publishing to IPFS

You can easily publish files from the Files application. Likewise, any published file url can be shared through a QR Code, copied to the clipboard or shared as a url with other applications.

Creating Content

Because IPFS is using content based addressing instead of names, it's possible to create content and publish it directly. This is exposed in Capyloon to any web page through the "publish-to-ipfs" Web Activity:

          // Create the content to publish as a Blob.
          let blob = new Blob(["Hello IPFS!"], { type: "text/html" });

          // Choose a name.
          let name = "my_first_ipfs_doc.html";

          // Start the activity.
          let activity = new WebActivity("publish-to-ipfs", { name, blob});

IPFS Playground

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