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Mainline Linux Phones

Supported Devices

The 2 supported devices are the PinePhone Pro and the Librem 5. The original Pinephone can likely use the same Debian package as the Pinephone Pro, but its outdated chipset is not powerful enough for a decent user experience.

Running Capyloon

Full images are not yet available, but a Debian package is available to install and run Capyloon on top of a Mobian image.

Follow this steps to test it:

If you wish to directly boot into Capyloon, you need to disable Phosh: sudo systemctl disable phosh && sudo systemctl enable b2gos.


Several APIs needed for a full phone experience are not yet implemented on mainline Linux, and some have partial implementations:

Rebuilding a debian package after making UI changes is possible with the jackady tool from the Nutria repository:

To make it easier to update the UI, several jackady commands will be updated to support Linux mainline devices in addition to the Gonk ones.

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